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Those of you who have done Art in the Park in Sierra Vista in the past probably know that, unlike in many other venues, you are required to use weights. Each  tent pole should have 40 to 60 pounds per pole.  Also please put weights on legs before you raise the canopy, so make sure the wind does not pick up the tent.   Just google “tent weights” and you will find lots of products you can buy, as well as how-to’s on things you can make. Google “tent weights SoWa open market” for some excellent information on tent weight do’s and don’ts. “Tent weights Art Fair insiders” also has a lot of useful information. You might also go check out other fairs and farmers’ markets in your area and see what other vendors have done. Keep in mind that the recommended, and I’d say minimum, weight per tent leg is 40lbs or 60 lbs. Some of the commercially available products don’t come up to that standard, so they would need to be supplemented. We will require that whatever you use, it will be set up so as not to present a tripping or toe stubbing hazard. For that reason, we are prohibiting cement blocks in any area where the patrons may be walking. And of course, nothing can be suspended high enough to fall down on anyone, or hang loose enough to bob around in a high wind. Many people use PVC pipe filled with cement because it’s inexpensive and unobtrusive, but those must be secured to the tent poles. Sandbags are another option. There are specially made sand bags that wrap around the tent legs and are clamped on, and there are plain old burlap bags full of sand that can be hung by ropes and attached to the tent legs.  We realize that for many of you, the problem will not be so much the bags, as the sand itself. We do have a limited amount of free sand available at the Park. You will have to fill up your own bags, but if you are not able to do that, we will have helpers available.  We will have sand trucks on site during the setup time on Friday, until about 5 PM.  Please let us know if you may need  sand, you will have to contact us, no later than September 15, either by mail or by e-mail, and request a “sand/bag voucher”. Email to: , and please put “Sand/bag Voucher” in the subject line. Or mail to: Liz Horning, 4445  S.Calle Encina, Sierra Vista AZ, 85650 , or Phone: 520-803-7157. We will need the name that was written on your application, and your business name. 

We hope to make it as easy as possible for everyone to conform to this new policy. It may take some extra inventiveness on your part, but we know you’re all a creative bunch, or you wouldn’t be doing Art in the Park in the first place.  See you in October,

Gary Shreve, President, HAA